💰Reward system

The Reward Points (RPs) work in tandem with experience points (XPs) and serve to compute the weekly rewards for contributors. Similar to Experience Points, Kryptview contributors generate Reward Points (RPs) for each action performed on the platform (including posting research, reviewing research, and sharing their performing portfolios).

Calculation of Rewards

We use a predefined formula to calculate the KVTs paid to each user at the end of each week:


  • User reward: the number of KVTs that a user receives at the end of each period (week)

  • Reward Pool: the number of KVTs distributed in a given period (week)

  • User Reward Points: the number of RPs generated by a user (from contributions) for each period (week)

  • Community Reward Points: the sum of all RPs generated by the community for each period (week)

The reward points awarded for different actions vary according to the effort required to complete a particular action.

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