📖Introduction to Kryptview

Kryptview is the first community-driven crypto-scoring app.

What is Kryptview?

Kryptview is the first repository for user-generated information on tokens and cryptos. Thanks to Research-to-Earn, the platform offers anybody the possibility to perform a scoring on a token in a professionalized way, monitor their portfolios, and share their analysis with the community... and earn while doing so. After structuring this data in a comprehensive way, we make it available to anyone, so crypto users have the simple and transparent information they need to make data-driven decisions.

Kryptview's platform features include:

  • Real-time data on cryptocurrencies and tokens: the data includes metrics such as price, volume, market capitalization, transactions, etc.

  • Kryptview's Scoring Wizard: this tool allows all our users to produce scorings on tokens and cryptocurrencies in a seamless and structed manner. The Scoring Wizard asks fundamental questions on a project and derives a rating based on the answers provided by the user. The rating and research produced are submitted to the community for review before integration to the platform's database. Both the contributing users and reviewers are rewarded for their contributions.

  • Kryptview's Community Portfolios: this tools allows our users to share portfolio models with the rest of the community. If the portfolios outperform the market between two updates, the user gets rewarded.

What makes Kryptview unique and why should you use it?

Kryptview’s differentiating factors are derived from its value proposition:

  • Primary focus set on fundamental analysis rather than technical analysis. Technical analysis is very attractive today given the volatility of the overall market. However, we believe that this volatility will decrease as the market matures.

  • A decentralized approach to content generation and insights-sharing. Any user locking KVTs on the platform is able to generate content, validate or reject content posted by other users. Kryptview is the only platform – to our knowledge – curating the community's opinion about crypto and making it comprehensive and available to anyone.

  • A reward mechanism incentivizing both the content generation and its review by the community. Rewarding time and commitment is key to empowering collective intelligence!

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